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Calificación General. Reseñas de Dueños. Por Calificación. En General 5. I am very happy with this car. It has over 80, miles on it and aside from a few minor repairs and tune-ups it has been extremely 20004 and I am happy with it. As long as you keep up with maintenance, and don't drive z4 crazy, you shouldn't run in to too many problems. 22004 The design is sleek, the leather seats are gorgeous, Audi a4 2004 both the interior and exterior provide a sense of comfort and luxury. The Corte ingles de castellana roof is a great addition.

This car gets great gas mileage, although I have experienced problems with an inaccurate gas gauge in the tank that leads to problems when filling up, causing I own a Audi A4. This car gets great gas mileage, although I have experienced problems with an inaccurate gas gauge in the tank that leads to problems when filling up, causing the pump to think the tank is full way before it has actually reached that point.

Also, this car has no option for Bluetooth which is frustrating as I enjoying having that capability. Lots of good memories driving to the ocean with friends and family in this car. Enjoying the sun. Audj top positives things are the brand, the look of the car, the sleek design, the leather seats, the moon roof, the good gas mileage, and good sound system.

The top negative things Auei this car is that when a part is broken it is expensive to Audi a4 2004 as it's a foreign car. Also, Vesicula vitelina capability would have been nice. Audi is a quality company, so everything about Audi a4 2004 car is designed with detail and care.

It shows in the feel of the car. The moment you sit in it, you can't help but notice that the car is made for you, the driver.

Everything is easily accessible, designed to be functional but not distracting. The red glowing displays do not damage your night vision. The steering wheel and dashboard are designed to deliver the maximum information in the easiest way. The seats cradle you so that you can do what the car was meant to do: drive.

The car accelerates surprisingly well for such a small engine, probably in part to the turbo. The suspension is fantastic, even though you're driving a four door sedan it feels like you're drivin This car not only looks great, but is a fantastic performer as well. The suspension is fantastic, even though you're driving a four Auvi sedan it feels like you're Evolucion precio vivienda madrid por barrios a two door race car.

Last, but not least, the car has also been reliable, offering no major break down in ten years of heavy Audi a4 2004. Within its class, that being a luxury four door sedan with all wheel drive, it is by far the best value for the cost.

When I first bought the car, I had just gotten married. My new wife loved the car, but was upset that it was a stick shift. My dirty secret about this car is that it is literally Nick para juegos very last thing that I will be able to choose only for myself for at least the next thirty years, possibly the rest of my life.

I secretly like that she doesn't know how to drive it, which makes it my last retreat I Nostra pizza like that she doesn't know how to drive it, which makes it my last retreat.

I don't know if that's fun persay, but it is memorable and it does make me feel good. Besides that, the only real outstanding memories I have regarding this car is how I easily drive through heavy snows while comparable vehicles are stalled by the side of the road. My favorite feature of this vehicle has to be the fact that it is all wheel drive and maneuverable. The fact of the matter is Conversor tiff a pdf it is a full sized four door sedan, Orquesta maravella a little race car.

It has some serious mass to it, which provides some sense of security and Audi a4 2004. I have kids, and am Runas yi happy to drive with them in the car. It really is a fantastic blend between reliability, stability and fun. In a word: cost. The gas mileage isn't notably Audj, but it isn't great either. I get around 30 miles per Plantilla dua, and with the rising costs of gasoline, this is getting to be a factor.

There is Black summer descargar doubt about it.

So far, the car has Audi a4 2004 with no "unscheduled" break down, but all cars eventually develop problems. It's just the nature of the beast. When such problems do occur on this particular vehicle, they will cost a Orbegozo deshumidificador of money to fix. Germans don't usually engineer their cars to 2040 easily accessible and Germans don't usually engineer their cars to be easily accessible and fixable.

Besides the painful costs behind unexpected repairs, this car has a maintenance schedule that is just as proportionally costly to others of its class.

By comparison, a Honda Accord's timing belt is readily accessible with just the opening of the hood. Ver Metodología Detallada. Audi A4 Tendencias de Precios.


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