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This plant does not have many problems with diseases however it may be susceptible to verticillium wilt, leaf spots, mildew, and anthracnose blight. Branches are brittle and mature trees infrequently exhibit classic form. This species is smaller but similar to C. The entire Pink family behave in this way. Ulmus rubra. It is native to a relatively small area extending from central Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia south to the Florida panhandle. Its value in this respect has long been recognized and it holds an assured place in the parks and gardens of all temperate countries. Leaves whorled or opposite, simple, large, cm x 7. Main Navigation Visit. July

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The flowers are 2. Butterfly House. It is a very long-lived tree and after this initial flowering seed pods are produced which droop from the branches in a unique, string-like display.

Native to or naturalized in Oregon:. It is two-lipped and the lips are lobed, two lobes above and three below, as is not uncommon with such corollas. Fruit Gardening Vegetable Gardening. The entire Pink family behave in this way.

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Mother Earth News. Each flower has its own stamens and its own stigma but the lobes of the stigma remain closed until after the anthers have opened and discharged their pollen; after they have withered and become effete then the stigma opens and invites the wandering bee. The nectar in turn attracted a greater number of bodyguard ants Forelius pruinosus to the damaged leaves, thus giving added protection to the whole plant. Quercus montana. The short thick trunk supports long and straggling branches which form a broad and irregular head. Missouri Botanical Garden Shaw Blvd. Georgia Dimensions: Height: 30 ft. Flowers are very ornamental. January The hybrid is sterile and at least two crosses exist, 'White Cloud' and 'Pink Dawn'.

Tiene 2 estambres fértiles Azucar moreno eurovision, insertados en la base del tubo corolino y 3 estaminodios.

El ovario es bilocular, de estilo largo y estigma bilobulado; contiene muchos óvulos. A pesar de su origen sureño de Catalpa bignonioides. Es una especie que resiste bien la polución.

Todas las partes de esta planta son venenosas habiéndose comprobado la presencia, entre otros compuestos de iridioides Catalpol y Catalposina y los flavonoides Luteolina y Bignonósido. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Omega, ISBN Versión en español de la Collins Tree Guide. Bajaj Missouri Catalpa bignonioides Garden. Catalpa bignonioides Consultado el 4 de septiembre de World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

Espacios de nombres Artículo Discusión. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Catalpa bignonioides Commons Wikiespecies. Catalpa bignonioides Oh valencia, panículas de flores. Fanerógama Catalpa bignonioides.


Leaves are light green above and pubescent below. Ulmus rubra. Some negative aspects of this tree are that the irregular shape may not fit with the landscape, seemingly having randomly spreading and crooked branches which can be off-putting.

Invasive: Where is this species invasive in the US? Mildew, twig blight, verticillium wilt, and leaf spots are occasional problems. Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Foliage also tends to depreciate as the growing season progresses, the large leaves being subject to damage from hail, wind, insects and sometimes disease.

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