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Honestly, at this point, do you foresee this latest arc ending in any other way than Goku achieving the fully mastered final form of Ultra Instinct and defeating Moro thoroughly? Ray Blast - Moro surrounds himself in an aura which fires numerous beams at his target. Popular Arrow. He could continue to grow and shift his appearance, concealing the gem on his forehead which was his greatest weakness. As a result of the immense power he gained from Merus, Moro eventually goes insane, degenerating into a cackling mess. Regeneration - Moro can instantly restore any damage or lost anatomy with no lingering signs. It seems likely the new arc will come to light in late December or January. Moro advances toward Jaco, telling him that his limited energy is of no use to him and a terrified Jaco fires off a shot from his Ray Gun, only for a second shot to appear and create a greater explosion than was expected.

There is no way to resurrect an Angel when they have been wiped from existence, which is what made Merus' sacrifice in the battle against Moro so heartbreaking. Community Arrow. Moro appears as a large humanoid goat with blue skin and two horns on the sides of his head that curl around to point forward near his cheeks.

He quickly rushes to Cranberry's location, kills him, and steals the third wish. Start a Wiki. Dragon Ball Super did a nice job of acknowledging this by offering the perspective of deities like Beerus and Whis, who were appalled to learn of the various ways these mortals altered the rules of their universe. We could also see warriors from the 1st, 5th, 8th, and 12th Universes fight for the first time, an exciting prospect for battle-loving Dragon Ball fans.

Upon consuming and absorbing the android, Moro transformed into a state somewhat stronger than his prior full power, which allowed him to quickly take down Vegeta. Galactic Bandit Brigade. Energy Shield - Using his magic, Moro shoots a ball of energy into the sky above him which expands and encapsulates a large area, trapping anyone inside with Moro and preventing anyone on the outside from breaking in. He vows to consume the two Saiyans upon their return along with the Earth.

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Taking a page from the original Demon King Piccolo, the wizard appeared as an elderly man who had the ability to absorb energy. However, the ability requires the three orbs on his body to work, and if they are shattered, this ability will be nullified, preventing Moro from acquiring any new abilities, with Merus also sealing the ability off. In addition to restoring him to a youthful prime and well-muscled state, unlike his previous power boosts, Moro underwent a noticeable transformation. When Moro first appeared, there definitely was a sense that this was a villain we hadn't seen before. Moro boasts that he has grown too powerful and is tired of fighters being unable to match him. Moro quickly has Cranberry use his second wish to restore his full magic power. Telepathy - Moro can telepathically communicate with others, and listen in on telepathy exchanged between others. He also became fairly muscular and his beard shrunk to reach his collarbone. Moro begins to absorb energy from all those on the planet, boasting that the planets energy is now his own and drawing up fists from the very Earth, attacks Goku's from all directions.



Moro summons his arm and attaches it, gaining Merus' power and ability and evolves further. Also in this form, Moro has access to all of Seven-Three's abilities, including limitless stamina and copying the abilities of anyone whose neck he touches. As the two get into battle positions, Moro soon finds himself being struck by Goku's air blasts, punches thrown from a standstill position, and attempts to counter with a series of energy blasts. Because of this, he believes himself to be completely unsurpassed, remaining in constant denial whenever he is oppressed or subdued.

Moro can go as far as to fuse his body with an entire planet such the Earth , removing the limits of his organic body. When Vegeta vows to destroy him, Moro reminds them that they have forgotten about his third wish. Ki Sense awareness - Moro is capable of telling when someone is sensing his energy, surprising the sensor. Needless to say, it could very well simply be an homage to the original transformation into a Super Saiyan, but ultimately feels re-hashed.

The Ultra Instinct Arc is Finally Over - Dragon Ball Super Moro

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