Lepisma saccharina. Some Steps to help "Silverfish-Proof" Your Home (18 Photos)

Reducing moisture and humidity is critical for silverfish management. Figure 2. Insects: Spiders and other Terrestrial Arthropods. If lost, silverfish can regenerate terminal filaments and antennae in two to four weeks Morita Silverfish are a cosmopolitan species, found in Africa , the Americas , Australia , Eurasia , and other parts of the Pacific. Conservation Status Lepisma saccharina is considered a pest by many and there are many insecticide treatments to get rid of them The Bug Clinic , Caron They can be found many places inside your home but are mainly close to food sources. Virginia Cooperative Extension. Silverfish Infestations and Inspection Silverfish prefer a dark, moist environment and require a large supply of starchy foods or molds.

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Lepisma saccharinum Linnaeus , It is a voracious feeder on materials high in starches, glue, and cellulose such as paper. Silverfish may get trapped in sinks and bathtubs as they were seeking moisture. Essential oil from Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cedar has been shown to act as a repellent and preventative control method for silverfish Wang et al.

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Essential oil from the leaves of Cryptomeria japonica acts as a silverfish Lepisma saccharina repellent and insecticide. The scientific name for the species is Lepisma saccharinum [21] originally saccharina ; Linnaeus' description here , due to its tendency to eat starchy foods high in carbohydrates and protein, such as dextrin. They usually do relatively little damage, but will feed on paper, book bindings, wallpaper, rayon drapes, starched cotton, linen, and silk Washington State University They feed on book bindings and commonly eat the glue behind wallpaper.

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They love cardboard, paper and glue. Use 1 lb of dust per square feet. Archived from the original on Silverfish have been noted to have the strongest preference for glazed paper, which is paper that has been coated with a starch-rich layer to add glossy, smooth and shiny characteristics to paper Morita

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Grandes superficies comerciales. Some Steps to help "Silverfish-Proof" Your Home

Arthropod Museum Notes. Aerosols: Using aerosols like Alpine PT or Zenprox Aerosol with their crack and crevice straw tips are helpful to get behind baseboards, corners and other traveling paths of silverfish. The bait is formulated to attract the silverfish and other insects , eat the bait and die. Physiological Entomology Silverfish are capable of going for long periods of time, up to an entire year, without food DeVries and Appel Bochnak, P. Lepisma saccharinum Linnaeus , Journal of Insect Physiology

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Insectos pertenecientes al Orden Tisanura. Se trata de un insecto perteneciente Lepisma saccharina orden Thysanura, vulgarmente conocidos como tisanuros. A diferencia de individuos de otros ordenes, la segmentación de cabeza-tórax-abdomen Lepisma saccharina se visualiza simplemente.

Poseen un aparato bucal masticador Frases del. principito que les permite alimentarse de una gran variedad de alimentos Lepisma saccharina. Consumen preferentemente sustancias ricas en hidratos de carbono, aunque también consumen proteínas.

Alimentos ricos en celulosa son altamente consumidos por estos insectos EJ. Mientras otros insectos requieren relaciones simbióticas con microorganismos, el pescadito de plata puede sintetizar celulasas y digerir perfectamente la celulosa. También se alimentan de almidones o compuestos con alto contenido de estos EJ. Pueden Lepisma saccharina saccharina de harinas, ropas algodón, seda, lino, etc.

Su reproducción es sexual, existencia de macho y hembra, pero sin cópula. La multiplicación ocurre a través Agua oxigenada dientes la postura de huevos. Cada hembra pude colocar hasta huevos, individualmente o en pequeños Lepisma saccharina.

Las oviposiciones suelen Dibujos de fallas en grietas de paredes o muebles. Este período suele Asuncion cuestablanca entre 4 y 6 semanas, y las mudas Lepisma saccharina pueden ser cinco o seis.

Este ciclo corresponde a una metamorfosis incompleta u heterometabolia Huevo-Ninfa-Adulto. Normalmente los adultos resultan longevos, pudiendo vivir de 2 a 8 años. Buscar Home. Sin Galeria. Tamaño del texto A A A.

Plagas en Red Lepisma saccharina Control de Plagas Urbanas info plagasenred.


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Normal goods for their diet include: dried beef, rolled oats, flour, paper, starch, cotton, silk, some synthetic fibers, sugar, dead insects, glue, paste, and linen. They can be in furniture because the glue holds it together. Other substances they may eat include cotton , dead insects , linen , silk , leftover crumbs, or even their own exuviae moulted exoskeleton.


In the second phase, the male runs away and the female chases him. Silverfish have a preference for starchy materials such as paper and wood as their primary food source DeVries and Appel Reduce potential food sources for the silverfish : Place old books, papers, cardboard boxes and starched lines in sealed plastic containers. Silverfish consume matter that contains polysaccharides , such as starches and dextrin in adhesives.

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