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It was the ideal broomstick for Seekers, though it was topped just a year later by its successor, the Nimbus Participated in the 4th Epilog Challenge View Contest. Do you like this video? Just for reference it is 1 meter from tip to where the bristles start. The bracket for the footrest is made from 2 pieces of 24mm aluminium section cut to 20mm in length, glued together and sanded even. Vulcanangel 3 years ago. Related Topics Lists harry potter.

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Drill two holes on either side of the band, through the aluminium, the bristles and into the wood. Also, don't fall on it. My material, a rustic look broomstick was not very suitable as it was too sturdy and didn't bend well.

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Vulcanangel 3 years ago. For the semi-circle shape, use a circular form with the right diameter to bend the rod around. Bind it as tight and even as you can and tie it off.

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Clara Poz 2 years ago. A rubber pad on the bottom of the broom would have provided some much needed purchase on the floor when you're standing around holding the broom upright. Also on my list of tools to purchase is a strip stander.

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Also on my list of tools to purchase is a strip stander. When she's not writing, she's drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee so that she can work late into the night on her latest costume. Several light coats every 10 minutes is ideal for an even and hardwearing finish. Solace is taken from the fact that it was the materials that broken, not my crafting. Spray the broom stick with a nice gloss lacquer if you didn't used a wood varnish. By chiok Chiok Li Designs Follow. Though knowing my nimbus was going over a fireplace I skipped the kickstand bit for now.

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Share Share Tweet Email 0. Notice how the shape is fuller at the back end with the widest part nearer the tip. The pin is a 4" nail cut and filed to size.


Muchas gracias por el Vector, estoy haciendo una Nimbus para un regalo, y quería hacerle el vinilo!!! The logo is particularly important to me to get right big design geek right here. Hi Raj! This allows me to work out the ratio of broom to stick and the right diameters.

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