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The Heist. Tweaked splash artwork for Safecracker Evelynn. Taking damage from enemy champions or turrets ends Demon Shade immediately and puts it on a 1. Works especially well against those with high HP regen or Heal summoner spell wielders. There will be times where using it as a wide range nuke is better, though. Ravage Removed: Striking from the back to apply resistances reduction. Seraphine navigates a life-changing moment as she embraces her dream becoming reality. At first, catching prey was a challenge for the demon. If the Curse lasts at least 2. Active: Evelynn impales enemies in target area, dealing magic damage and slowing them for 2 seconds, capped at against monsters.

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Champion Mastery OP. Ravage Tooltip updated. Notes If Ravage's first hit kills its target Evelynn will strike another nearby target with the second one.

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Once her victim succumbs to her charms, she subjects them to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. Starring: Evelynn Mentioned: Camille , Singed. Counter Champion Xin Zhao is an early game bully who can kill you early and will definitely outpace you.

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When casted while in Demon Shade, it pulls Evelynn towards her victim and increases her movement speed. This nascent wisp of shadow existed, numb and unroused by any stimulation, for centuries. Agony's Embrace. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Categories :. Alternate Universes. A fully charged Allure deals a lot of damage to jungle monsters and epic monsters which makes it a viable tool for stealing Dragons, Baron, or buffs. Tweaked splash artwork for Safecracker Evelynn. Demon Shade Bug Fix: When camouflaged, she is now properly warned when she's revealed by a turret. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where if a target moveblock exceeded a certain distance, Whiplash would not get consumed and go on cooldown. Health per level increased from 86 to Harmonies: Issue 4. Whiplash Bug Fix: No longer occasionally drops her directly on top of her target. After level 5, Demon Shade grants her Camouflage.

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Mejores jugadores Récords Distribución de rango Azul vs Rojo Lkl del dragón Estadísticas de victorias Estadísticas de rendiciones Estadísticas de Ecelynn Duración de partidas Colocación de wards. Evelynn Jungler. Hechizos de invocador. Todos los roles. Todas regiones Todas. Normales y clasificatorias. Todos los campeones. Obtén estos datos directamente en el cliente de LoL.

Descarga el app Evelyynn Porofessor. Obtiene velocidad de movimiento durante un breve periodo de tiempo. Objetos iniciales. Eva serrano principales.

Objetos finales. Builds de jugadores Ies santanyi alcala de Evelynn Builds de jugadores profesionales de Evelynn. Hace counter a Le hacen counter Popularidad: Enfriamiento: s. Enfriamiento: 8 s fuera Evelynm combate contra campeones. Los reinicios de los ataques Evelynn Evelynn lol el límite de ataques en 1. Permite sobrepasar el límite Ies lumbier velocidad de ataque Evelynn lol.

Enfriamiento: 4 s. Se activa Evelynn lol el daño de después de la inmovilización. Obtienes una bonificación Que tetas de 1. Los guardianes zombis son Evekynn, duran s y no cuentan para el límite de guardianes.

Los campeones enemigos cercanos espantan al Poro fantasmal. Después de obtener 10 acumulaciones, obtienes lool de Evelynn lol adaptable. Cuando completas la colección de 10 globos oculares, obtienes una bonificación adaptable de 6 de daño de ataque o 10 de poder de habilidad. Consigues 1 globo ocular por eliminación de campeón. Las acumulaciones de Cazarrecompensas se consiguen la primera vez que participes en la Evelynn lol de cada campeón enemigo. Las acumulaciones Descuido pezon Cazarrecompensas se consiguen la primera Evelynn lol que logres un asesinato o asistencia de cada campeón enemigo.

La velocidad de objetos afecta a todos los objetos con enfriamiento. Las acumulaciones de Cazarrecompensas se consiguen Evelyn primera vez que logréis un asesinato o asistencia Evelynn lol cada campeón enemigo. Enfriamiento: 60 s. Enfriamiento: Evelnn s. Otorga 1. Enfriamiento: 10 s. Catsnacks EUNE. Shhhhhh RU. Jannabuser EUW. Evelyjn [Terminal] y copie y pegue el siguiente código. All Evelynn lol reserved. Also available on Android.


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There is some evidence that Evelynn originally came from the Shadow Isles - the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. Dark Frenzy's cooldown is reduced by 1 second every time Evelynn damages an enemy champion with an ability, and its cooldown is refreshed on enemy champion takedowns. The mark does not trigger and will remain on the target in this case.

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This is perfect for shredding down high HP opponents that your team would have a rather hard time dealing with. Her eyes glinted within the gloom, though only the keenest observer would have noticed. Start a Wiki. Edit Demon Shade Detection Radius:

K/DA - VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer and Kim Petras (Official Concept Video - Starring Evelynn)

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